Monday, June 13, 2011

Mizuno Infinity Run 10k: No Fluke

It was the same race org, the same race route, and the same distance. Mizuno 2011 Inifinity Run was the perfect venue to confirm if my first sub-60 achieved in my previous race was no fluke.

Well, to summarize my performance, I finished it in 59:32 (unofficial). Not only had I beaten last year's Mizuno 10k record by a minute and 25 seconds, but I've set a new 10k PR by a close 6 seconds.

Yup, not bad.


From the two races, I Run For Integrity (IRFI) and Mizuno 10k, I was able to remember my per-5km lap times as below:

The table above definitely shows that I positive-splitted these two races, mostly caused by the uphills in the latter half of the route (including the ruthless Kalayaan Flyover). There is also the question of my endurance of keeping a sub-6:00/km pace for more than 5km.

Either lack of endurance at fast paces or hills, that could be where my focus should be. I have to admit, I absolutely hate hills as much as the next guy. That could be the reason why I don't do much of hill training as I find myself content with tempos, speed intervals, and long runs. Yes, I'd probably should be doing more hill training....

...Or should I try running a 10k in a flat-route race such as those held in MOA to see if I can break 59-minutes? Or 58 minutes? ;-)


If I were to base how I am in terms of my running, the Mizuno Infinity Run is one of those races that will form part of the criteria. My race times for the past 3 versions of this race were very encouraging (2009-1:09, 2010-1:00:57, 2011-59:32) as it reflected constant improvement on my speed.

Yup, things are lookin' good. Now if only I could bring this 10k pace to a half-marathon, that would be great!


  1. Good job, pare!You already have a back-to-back. Get one mnore and you'll have a winning streak. The hard work is paying off. Bubble tea ang katapat niyan! lol

  2. Oh yes, there will be BubbleTea today. ;-)

  3. Speed Enurance is one of the harderst things to work on, but I believe that you have no problem accepting it. What types of speed work are you doing now? With your progress I see a sub 40 in the future. Take care. Had to do comment with out signing in. (@ work, lol) Kenley EOR. And btw, stay away from that basket ball man.

  4. @kenley, hey long time no see! I'm glad you dropped by (even @work, hehehe).

    my last 2 speed workouts were cruise intervals (3-4 reps of 1000m) which I do once a week every other week (alternating with tempo runs).

    sub-40?!?!? wow that would be a great achievement if I'd be able to do that but I doubt if my age would be aiding me in getting it.

    well, baby steps. for now, probably a sub-2:10 13.1 and a sub-5hr 26.2 is very possible (with the right training and mindset).