Thursday, May 13, 2010

You're Addicted To Running When...

...your browser's homepage is set to the sight of a person wearing running shoes be it in the mall or anywhere else, you instinctively look at the sole to see if there's a gray part ---a sign that it's for an overpronator. regularly check's List of Races to see if there are races this weekend (or even a month from now) that you can sign-up for. feel a certain tinge whenever you drive along the Buendia-Kalayaan flyover for you know very well that you've passed it many many times ---on foot. go to Boni High Street either to register for a race or to join a race. Malling is not really your prime purpose to be there. know that the BHS and Ayala-Triangle perimeter is almost of the same distance.

...within one minute, you can give the names of at least 10 Filipino running bloggers. are familiar with the term "sub-Piolo." know what these guys do in common: Rio, Rudy, & Ian. know that the term "singlet" does not mean a cute single guy/gal. prefer to eat pasta before the weekend (long run) arrives. know that the Illiotibial Band is NOT a musical group.

from follow the tweets of elite runners like Josh, Ryan, Meb, and Haile. can fill in the blank to this phrase: Yakult ___-miler. know the names of the 2 running-specialty stores in the Philippines. know who Vertek is. know what R.O.X. stands for. feel a certain tinge whenever you drive along the Skyway for you know very well that you've passed it before ---on foot. absolutely hate going up and down the stairs.'d rather read an ebook on Chi Running during a boring office meeting. can find another meaning to the acronym HRM aside from Hotel and Restaurant Management.

...the word MILO means so much more than the chocolate drink you loved as a kid.

So, are you addicted to running?


  1. Very good list. I love the one about the Illiotibial Band. I know I am addicted to running when I can go into a running store with not one penny and just stare at the running stuff for hours dreaming and creating a dream want list. Take care.

  2. @kenley, haha I forgot 2 add that in. yup I too tend to just ogle at the shoes in the different running stores at the mall near my ofc.

    @julius, should we get therapy?! haha.

  3. nice list! if i may add, your laundry is 80% running apparel..

  4. @james, haha mine is around 40% pa lang. pero I'm gettin' there. hehe.

  5. haha natawa ako dun sa iliotibial band. Nice post Roelle :)