Friday, May 28, 2010

3 Races, 3 Long Runs

I know I know. I said on an earlier post and probably commented on other blogs that I've minimized joining races from 2x/month to once a month. But hey, can you blame me if 2 of the 3 upcoming races are free? Sayang naman, di ba?

Further, from now until July 4, my weekends have been scheduled with marathon-training-plan long-runs exceeding 21km so these races will help psych me up in completing said long-runs before Milo. As mentioned on a previous post, doing long-runs alone has been quite unsatisfactory in terms of keeping within the easy pace range. Being around runners keeps my mind busy from thinking about fatigue and the heat.

1. RunRio2 Nature Valley

Paid for this one. Yup, it's quite expensive but RunRio1 fared well on my book in terms of overall race-organization. Money well spent I think. I'll be running the 21km event this Sunday so I hope to get the same (or if not better) race treatment by the organizers.

Long-run required: 32km. This'll be my longest run after my 29km two weeks ago. So, if you see a 30-something dark guy running/walking around BHS even when RunRio2 closes, that would probably be me gasping for strength to complete 32k.

2. Company Sportsfest (June 5)

FREE. This is the rescheduled running event from last week. I've signed up for the 15km event. The paper-chip that I've blogged last time will finally be tested here.

Long-run required: 26km. My officemates will probably think I'm nuts to go back to the race route after crossing the finish line just to run 11km more.

3. Freedom Run (June 13)

FREE. Yeah, I guess that's one part of my work that I love. The CEO is really into running. Our company's one of the major sponsors so a friend from Marketing called me if I wanted to join the contingent to rep the company for this one. I'll be running 21km. And yes, it's a Rudy Biscocho race.

Long-run required: 35km ---the longest long-run for this 12-week marathon plan. I'll probably run this at easy pace (7-7:30 mpk). Since it'll be held in Greenhills which is about 6-7km from home, I'll be running to and from the start/finish line to complete the required mileage.

So there. Probably after each of those races I'll complete the remaining mileage at easy pace. I'll try my very best to chillax at the race itself to save energy for the remaining kilometers. But the race ambiance is so infectious that I might probably zoom again like there's no tomorrow (especially race #2 wherein officemates will bash you all year if they get to beat you, hehe).

See you at the races!

Oh by the way, it finally rained today. Yey!


  1. wow! i cant imagine doing another loop after i finished the race. God bless bro

  2. Best wishes in your upcoming races and running past the finish to get your long runs in. I side with you on the whole free thing. Why not? And I think it is really cool to have work mates that are into running as well. Take care. When is the Mile Marathon that you are planning for?

  3. thanks guys! I hope I get to do above as planned. Less than 40days Milo na. So i really have to put in the mileage.

  4. @kenley, the Milo Marathon will be on July 4. It's the Manila elimination leg (4hrs qualifyng time) but I'm only aiming to finish it as it's my 1st full marathon. A sub-5hr finish would be wishful thinking though. But doing so will be very very special. Good luck on your 13.1mile training!

  5. Thanks Daytripper. I actually revised and now I am training for First Marathon come November 14th. That's all on my blog. Take care man, and thanks for the info on the milo. Just finishing is a life time achievement to be very proud of.