Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Some Downtime

Long gap again since I last posted due to work piling up in the office lately. I finally found the time to blog this just before my family and I wrap up our South Korea trip which started Apr 29. As in my previous trips abroad with the family, I would pack my running gear to keep my fitness up but this vacation in Korea involved too much walking that my legs just wanted to lie down in the evening.

Daily step average would be around 16 to 17 thousand steps as per my android phone which is normally the number of steps I'd take for an hour and a half of running (or roughly 12km). It's still exercise, I think, such that I wouldn't get my running habit started for the day (or night).

Obviously, my TrainingPeaks fitness/form status has dropped since Sunday by about 5 or 6 CTL points. Thus, I will have to make up for it by the time I get back to Manila.

But take note, I'm not complaining. In spite of the endless walking daily, I'm happy to get some downtime ---work wise or training wise.

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