Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Petiks Mode

I haven't ran for 8 days now.

It's a test of self-control, really, as I try to force myself back to sleep at dawn. Waking up at 5-6am every other day was pretty typical for me for 16-weeks prior to Condura 2011 as I go out for my morning run. But, for the last 8 days, I'm forcing myself to enjoy the recovery period.

Yup, cold turkey since my last run (a full marathon).

An article I read on RunnersWorld recommends 7-10 days completely off after running a marathon. I understand the benefits of the recovery stage since my body needs it: my quads were aching for three days after Condura!

The last time I had a "sem-break" like this was last Feb 2010 after RunRio1 when I decided to have my left knee checked. Doc Randy recommended to build my mileage after some rest so I was below my average mileage for about 2 weeks.

This was actually better (or worse?) since there was no running mileage recorded whatsoever.

Yup, I'm enjoying this part of the process now. I get to spend more time with my 2 sons (aged 4 and 2) in the morning. We actually go out of the neighborhood for short walks before I get myself ready for the office. I estimate these short walks to be around 300m (yeah, I was even thinking of bringing a Garmin but I didn't, hehe).

I'm still minding my weight. I would still get up around 7am and do strengthening and VMO exercises (a lot of squats actually!) for my knees. At 37, I need all the help I can get to have stronger knees. I want to be in this sport forever!

I'll be building my weekly mileage probably in the next 2 weeks. Slowly this time, as I would like to race the rest of 2011 injury-free.

Next race? I'm pondering on the Baguio 21km on April 10. I ran the 10k version last year and it was a killer! I'm still undecided so I just have to wait and see.

In case I do reg for Baguio, yup, I need to do more squats, hills, and running around breathing only through a straw.

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