Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Feb10-16 Training Log: Some Improvement

129km in 7:34 total.

On a taper week.

I happily accepted the reduction in training volume last week, which I think is part of a periodic cycle wherein there are 2 weeks hard training and 1 week off. The body (and mind) needs to recover, especially for the preparations of the coming hard week (this week).

Without proper feedback one can never know if he/she's improving. Good thing that Coach is able to lay this out for me by staging regular bike/run time trial workouts to assess if I've improved or not. Last week, after beginning my training under him, the 20-minute bike time trial result comparison showed what could be the start of something great:

Jan25 - 20min Bike TT. Distance covered: 9.57km (28.7kmh)

Feb15 - 20min Bike TT. Distance covered: 10.10km (30.1kmh)!!!!

In 3 weeks I was able to improve my bike TT time by 530 meters! That means a lot, especially during races. I hope to see similar improvement in my run TT which could be scheduled next month. Of course, better results would mean that I will continue to follow the workouts being sent by Coach. The challenging part, aside from waking up early (hehe), is the high probability that training volume/intensity will continue to increase (gulp!).

Hopefully I'm up to the task.

Back to training....

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