Monday, February 10, 2014

Feb 3-9 Training Log: More

169kms and almost 9hours of running and biking last week. Scored a breakthrough as I was able to log my longest ride ever (so far) at 68.4km. Further, I ran a good 10k although the time was not PR breaking (1:04). Still, it was my best 10k in months and I'm expecting it to get even better in the months to come.

Looking at this week's schedule, it'll be a rest week as total training time moved back to 7 hours. Next week, I'll be back on the grind as the weekend will require me to ride 4 hours, or 100kms(!!!!).

The only downside is my weight, as food has served as my "reward" after workouts. Last Tuesday after an evening 10k run, I decided to go to Charlie's for a wagyu burger. I should stop doing that and just control my hunger pangs and eat at or below my total daily calorie limit (1,500).


Here's hoping for a lower weight by my Sunday morning weigh-in.

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