Monday, November 23, 2015

Race Review: BGC Cycle Philippines 2015 (40km Challenge)


  1. Accurate race distance (40km)
  2. Sufficient marshals
  3. Great race org c/o Sunrise


  1. None that I could think of at the moment.


I wasn't expecting a good time on this one as I was 10lbs heavier than last year. Training has been so-so as well but I had more hill trainings this year compared to 2014.

At the end of numerous pushes on the flats at 100% FTP and keeping it in control on the Buendia flyover (twice), I finished at 1:20 (Garmin time) which was only about a minute or so slower than the Alaska race in MOA last May.

The cycling gods were generous.

Still, lots of improvement as I close my cycling season this 2015. Hoping for better race results next year as my 1:13 PR on 40km cycling races still stands.

Happy with my race time!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Training Update....or the lack thereof

Well, it's official: I'm in a training slump. As of last week, my TrainingPeaks CTL has gone below 40 ---lowest value ever since I started training using the TP tool.

Will need to get my fitness back up. I bought a Garmin Vector 2S power meter late last month as a birthday gift to myself. It has opened my training on the bike immensely as it clearly showed that I SUCK at cycling in terms of watts. I hope it'll help me motivate myself to train more.

As for the run part, I may register for one more road race probably in early December.

Let's see if we see a positive green line back on that chart again, shall we?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Race Review: Bike King Duathlon


  1. Challenging race course
  2. Sufficient hydration stations
  3. Sufficient marshals
  4. SCTEX babyyyy!

  1. Bike leg measured 57km only against the published 60km (bitin!)


I met my objective for this race which was simply to finish. I was not in PR-beating shape as I lacked the physical and mental conditioning leading up to this race which I only find myself to blame. Garmin time as below:

Run1 - 0:40:28 for 6km
Bike - 2:18:56 for 57km
Run2 - 0:29:12 for 4km

Finish time (chip time) - 3:35:54 (my PR is at 3:29 from last year)

What's disappointing was that I was even hoping, minutes before gun start, that I could surprise the racing gods by digging deep for a PR. This was obviously not the case as I found myself run-walking the last 2km of Run2 again. Further, the whole race distance was shorter this year than 2014 so my finish time could've been worse.

Before I move on I have to pick up the (hard) lessons from this one:

  1. Lack of long rides at proper training zones. I bonked after about 75% of the bike leg. I had my gel eating schedule on time but my conditioning for the 60km length and at race pace was lacking.
  2. Be more disciplined in doing my workouts. Although family and work needs to be prioritized, I have to stop being lazy and do my workouts when I have the time. 
  3. More hill sprints/intervals. I lacked the conditioning to run the whole of Run2, knowing that I will suffer in the last 2km hard uphill based on last year's performance. I should've done more. 
  4. Bring my weight down. A lighter bike this year vs 2014 obviously didn't work as I am heavier this year. Tsk, I need to lose 10 or 15lbs....starting now.

All in all, I'm happy to finish this one but I'm just disappointed at myself for not preparing, i.e. babying my training for this race. Tsk tsk....

59th out of 82 in my age group. Ugh!!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

BikeKing Duathlon 2015: Am I Ready?

Based on my TP PmC readings, I am not ready. I believe I can finish the race but not in PR-beating fashion. My PR for this race is a 3:29 from last year's version which has the exact same route as this year. Yup, including that last long bike climb towards T2 which made me run-walk the Run2 leg.

Tsk tsk. This is gonna hurt.

But I'm thinking positive as (1) I believe I'm better on the bike now compared to last year, particularly improving on my climbing skills, (2) I know the race route thus I can plan my target paces to hopefully still beat my PR, and (3) I've learned my lesson on that Run2 leg from last year. I will need to be patient with my bike pace so as to leave a little more for that remaining 4k run.

But yeah, I'll try to have fun while on that 6k-60k-4k sufferfest that is the SCTEX Duathlon.

Here we go!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

TP PmC Chart as of Sep.13, 2015

Thanks to, I am constantly informed on how depressing my training has been this year. I am having trouble reaching the elusive 50 TSS level (which I only breached once) which I hoped to be in by now as my A-race, the SCTEX Duathlon, is 2 weeks away.

I have slacked up a lot (red lines) no thanks to office work/stress, laziness, and a good combination of both. Last week, this was aggravated by a bad back coupled with flu, a broken bike FD cable and the occassional rains. I am below my average weekly TSS total for the past two weeks, Getting back on the horse, so to speak, has been excruciatingly impossible.

Oh, did I forget to say that I have not been losing the 10 lbs that I wanted due to delicious greasy food and extra rice?