Monday, August 24, 2015

Race Report: Class of Clans 16k


  • Got hooked on registering this one as I'm a die hard CoC player. ;)
  • Started on time.
  • Start/Finish line was at km0. Getting the best view of that controversial DMCI building that photobombed the Rizal monument. Hehe.
  • Released runners in waves to avoid clogging at the start.
  • Sufficient number of water stations, ambulances, and race marshals
  • With a finisher's shirt and medal (along with the race shirt) at P750.00, this was a good deal!


  • 16k race route measured only 14.7k as per my Garmin. This was a big failure in my opinion, especially after Berwin Meily announced/stressed at the start that this was a 16k race. I was hoping to do a long run from my usual 12-13k runs so the distance recorded was disappointing.
  • No chip time as there was no chip on the racebib. :)
  • Saw mayhem going on at the baggage claim area in the end. Probably understaffed there as many runners had to wait for some time to claim their bags.


My plan was to run this just to finish. As this was my first road race in a long long time, I just joined to get that race feeling back again and hopefully log a long run for the year. The plan was just to relax, run at 140HR and see if I can up to tempo pace by the last 5 or 6k. I had a Clifbar Blocks pack so the 6 blocks (200 kcal) should be able to carry me throughout the race nicely.

It was a true test of self control as I managed to stick to my plan. My pace was between 7:00-7:15/km from the start until km9 (HR at 140). I changed my plan a bit towards the end since, at the halfway mark I saw that my Garmin only read 7.30km. The distance will fall short of 16k, I told myself, so I took the chance of increasing my pace from km10 onwards (6.53, 6.49, 6.35, 6.48, 6.38 per km). I was slightly huffing and puffing with my HR at 150 or so, but didn't have any real difficulty as this was a very flat course (except for the 2 flyovers).

Finished the 14.7km distance at 1:44:27 (Garmin time) with 7:06/km average pace. 

The 1.3km shortage on the race course was really a let down (except probably for the numerous walkers in the race that I passed by) so I hope the organizers will take a look into it in future races.

Next race? 

Hmmm, a  half marathon this year beckons....

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Race Shopping

My next duathlon is the SCTEX dua on Sep27 which is quite far away. This is good as it'll give me enough time to train, especially now that my TP CTL is down to 44.9 (previously at 41) due to work stress and daddy duties. I really need to up the ante.

So right now I'm (run) race window shopping. Looking at and for either a 10k or 21k race to join in. Long runs have been lacking (highest is 10k in the past few weeks, sigh) so signing up for a 21k could be a good way to push myself to run longer on the weekends.

Let's see if I sign up for one. These extra 7 lbs REALLY need to go.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Race Recap: Alaska Cycle 2015

Venue for this annual race was moved from BGC to MOA last May 17 (yeah, sorry for the late post) so the flats and flyovers coupled with the 4 rounds made up for a good Sunday 40km workout.

I did well, IMHO, considering that I was on a lot of work related stress days before that race and that I finished a duathlon race the Sunday prior. Finish time was at 1:19 which put my average speed to a bit over 30kmh. My PR for a race as this is about 1:16, so I was happy to be well within range.

This, however, shouldn't make me overconfident as there are a lot of races ahead this year. I am (very) down in terms of Trainingpeaks CTL value so I've a lot to do in terms of getting back into form.

A great thanks to the organizers of the Alaska Cycle as they did a good job, including the race that my kids entered in the previous day.

That fat tummy has to go. Seriously.