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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Squeezing This In

I found some free time in my busy schedule, toggling between my work and family duties especially now that we're busy with school events, parties, and shopping for stuff for our friends and relatives, so I'm here to post a quick update on how things are holding up on my training.

I'm about 95% recovered from that nasty multiple rib injury that I took last October. I'm now able to run which my TP PMc run chart is very happy to see. Pace is more than I expected, possibly due to fresher logs from that long no-run layoff.

My bike+run TP CTL is hovering slightly above the 40s (lowest recorded was 39.5) and I'm working on making the most of the off season in bringing it back up to where it was last July (60s, or even more if I can).

Weight has been a struggle as I gained 5 lbs (ugh!!!!!) since the 6 week no-run period. The present holiday one-party-after-another situation is really not helping my cause.


Oh, I forgot to mention that I was able to ride last Nov23 for the BGC 40km Challenge event and I was able to hold a good pace on my own (versus straddling at a peloton on the same event last May). Overall time is slightly off by 1-2mins from May but I'm happier on this one as I was able to push all by myself.

That tummy has nooooo escape! :(


The new frame I bought for my birthday, the 2014 Argon18 Gallium Pro, rides like a dream. Coming from the entry-level 2012 Radon, the Gallium Pro is very much lighter as I experienced on the climbs, especially in Bugarin when me and @roadiemanila went there two Sundays ago. I was supposed to buy a Kuota Kharma aero frame for my duathlons but I'm liking the Gallium Pro as it makes me do better on the climbs. Of course, a second bike, a tri bike, won't be bad at all. ;-)

That's @roadiemanila at the start of our Bugarin climb


I hope to race again sometime soon, be it a running or bike race, or a duathlon even. That'll help me target to push my fitness up, and hopefully, my weight down.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Beautiful Ride

I was awake at 5.30am the other Sunday, the usual time that my body has adjusted to in time for training. However, this was a different Sunday as it was the last weekend until Lucas, my 8yr old, joins his first bike race.
I signed him up for the 5.5km event for Nov22, in the BGC Cyclefest that is on it's 3rd version since starting last year. Thus, I had to make him be acquainted with the distance by taking him and the rest of the family to UP to ride loops around the popular weekend oval.

I brought along my bike as well so that I'll be able to ride alongside him to keep him from hitting runners or being too close to the cars. I put my Garmin 410 on his handlebar so that he will able to see for himself if we made the required distance.

After everything was set, including 5yr old Matteo, we were off.

It was a pleasant ride all throughout and I could notice how relaxed Lucas felt as we hovered at around 11kph. He said it's nice that I am able to talk to him as we rode, and that he said I looked thin (even though I am starting to gain weight again), possibly just being his usually nice self. I felt that he enjoyed it especially on the downward section of the oval as he glided fast and with ease as if with no care in the world, as any child would be.

After our 2nd loop, we cut through the middle of the oval to finish half of it for our 3rd and final loop. The middle road of the oval was quiet except for 1 or 2 skateboarders so I was able to look at Lucas biking amidst the forest backdrop. I looked at him for about 5 or so seconds, memorizing how beautiful and special this moment was. He looked straight on the road, serious but relaxed, with his face a cross between serious and almost coming to a smile. I concentrated on saving that moment in my mind, with high hopes that I will never forget it. Maybe, hopefully, at that moment, Lucas fell in love with biking.

As we hit the straight slight uphill towards the finish, I encouraged Lucas to speed up and give it his all as we were about to end our ride. He obliged and started to pedal fast. I could see from my Cateye that we were at 16kph. With a heavy BMX bike and slight uphill grade, this 8yr old was certainly huffing and puffing his way to his waiting Mom at the make-believe finish line. He slowed about 300m to the finish, obviously tired from the max effort but still pedaling. I told him to just slow to cooldown as we neared the end. I could imagine his relief upon seeing his Mom, with water in hand as his prize for the day. 

Total distance was 5.7km as per Garmin.

I hope not to forget this day, one of the most beautiful rides that I had my entire life.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Injury 2014

I was hoping to get myself injury-free for 2014 as I wanted to join all my targeted races for the year. Today was the Philippine Duathlon Series - Leg 4 in Nuvali, supposedly my last duathlon for 2014.

I wasn't able to race today as I got injured two weeks ago, from of all sports: basketball.

I remember Kenley telling me a couple of years back to stay away from basketball as contact sports and endurance sports don't mix very well.

I should've followed that advice.

I learned it the hard way in the office basketball tournament as my 41 year old chest got hurt from defending an, in my opinion, an oversized gorilla who pump-faked with his shoulder to my descending from flight open chest. I couldn't breathe moments after the impact but, to my credit he wasn't able to get the basket. ;-)

It hurt for several days that I couldn't run, couldn't work, and couldn't even get up from bed first thing in the morning. It was only after 10 days when I decided to go to the hospital and have an X-ray to see what was going on.

The result: the 6th, 7th and 8th right ribs had undisplaced (hair)line fracture. As it was already 10 days after the accident, the doctor said that it was in the process of healing. He prescribed some pain killers and so far it has worked wondrously although I'm limited to cycling.

No contact sports, he said.

Running still hurts, probably due to the up and down motion that my internal organs go through and hit my still healing ribs. Thus, the no-show at today's duathlon race. Possibly my planned Milo 21k next month is scrapped as well.


I'm giving it a few more days before I start running again, probably later this week. We'll see how the ribs feel by then.

Yup, another lesson for me. It's probably time to retire my basketball dreams and focus on duathlons exclusively from here on in. Probably no more contact sports for this 41 year old....

...except with the Mrs. ;-)