Monday, May 15, 2017

Race Review: PhilDua Leg2 Clark

The good:

  1. Great race venue that is Clark.
  2. Nice finisher's shirt.
  3. Great race org by Team Adrenaline

The bad:

  1. Inaccurate race distance. The bike exceeded 1.2km and run2 was short by 400m as per my Garmin.
  2. No finisher's medal. I heard that there was a mix up among the org people assigned to bring to the race venue.

My race:

I felt pretty confident going into this one as I was able to follow my pacing and nutrition strategy. 

1. Keep runs at 6:20-6:30/km

I felt that this was the right pace range to go in order to meet my sub-2:20 target. Anything faster than this will definitely see me wither away by Run2. I chose to just maintain this on the flat and downhill sections, and fight for it on the slight uphill part of the runs. 

                    Run1 average: 6:21/km
                    Run2 average: 6:26/km

2. Pace yourself on the bike

As I didn't (or wouldn't?) put my Garmin EDGE on the bike since I was already using my Garmin 920XT on my wrist, I had a problem monitoring my effort on the bike (which was expected). Thus I had to go with perceived effort and occasionally glance at my watch to monitor Ave3sec Power (to not go beyond FTP ---but mostly went over anyway), HR, and cadence (meet 90 as much as possible).

I would also not pedal on occasion at the downhill parts so as to recover from the previous climb or prepare for an upcoming one. This resulted to an NP value of 132W or 89% FTP which was a little above target which could've made my Run2 a struggling run-walk affair. 

I was surprised to see that I finished the 31km bike in 1:07:46 (27.6kmh average). I may have over exerted, I said to myself. Fortunately, there was only 4km (or 3.5km) of Run2 to left which I still had enough in the tank for. 

New gear helped as well too as it was the first time I raced a borrowed pair of aerobars and a new helmet, the Rudy Project Boost 01. Yup, my aero riding may have helped keep the pace especially on those pedal-rest periods.


Looking back, I may have to find a way to slap my 920XT onto the bike so I can easily monitor my heartrate, power and cadence efforts for a more controled ride instead of just getting everything by feel.

3. Consciously hydrate and take gels

I purposely didn't take a gel at the start since it was only 6km for Run1. Instead, I was able to take a GU gel at the following points of the race:

  1. km4 of Run1
  2. 30mins into the Bike
  3. 5mins before Run2
Hydrating as well with the race org's supply (water and Pocari) with the gel helped to bring the nutrients to my body faster for processing. This helped a lot (pushing me mentally even) as I didn't give in to bonking). I just kept pushing and pushing (especially on that long uphill on Run2) to keep me within race target.


Total time (per Garmin): 2:11.

This was within my sub-2:20 target. I have to say that it was my run pacing and better than expected bike performance that helped immensely in getting this done. Of course, my relentless will power in waking up at 5-6am in the morning to get my workout done to get in tip-top shape for race day was very instrumental. Just putting the miles in through sheer effort made this one possible.


Duaman in 2 weeks in  Nuvali. It's shorter (6k-20k-3k) but I'll probably force myself to beat my 1:56 PR.


Thursday, May 11, 2017

All Set for PhilDua2 2017

I have never been so meticulous in preparing for a race such as the one coming this Sunday in Clark.

It's my first duathlon since August 2016 and I am just very excited to toe the line and see how my training has taken me.

I have reached the 60s CTL level as per TrainingPeaks ---something that I have never reached for quite a long time. Although I am (STILL) struggling to go down to my race weight (a whole 10lbs of it, sigh) I feel that I am at my fittest in terms of coming into a duathlon race.

Tapering for the past 2 weeks, I have been very careful not to overtrain and balance fitness with freshness levels in TrainingPeaks. I just hope and pray that nothing goes wrong this time (health, bike, etc) so that I am able to start (and finish strong) on Sunday.

Wish me luck? :)

Monday, May 8, 2017

RunRio Trilogy 2017 Race Fees

The social media was abuzz a few weeks ago when posts came out announcing the RunRio Trilogy for 2017. It is a much anticipated event from the Philippine running community as it delivers top notch race organization from the team of RunRio events. From the race kit, the routes, distance accuracy, and race marshals, the event is well planned and very organized. Of course, the most anticipated part is the finisher's medal, which one came combine with the other RunRio legs to come up with one (usually gigantic) medal.

However, the news was also received negatively by many due to the high cost of the reg fees. The 5k event, for example, will cost P1,100.00.

I think the numerous comments from the announcements have shown that the fees are too unreasonable for the average Filipino runner. This may be something that RunRio needs to look into and hopefully be able to justify soon.

Top comments from the FB post announcing the RunRio Trilogy 2017

I will close this post thru the comparison tables below which I made after browsing for popular races online. I put the RunRio Trilogy 2017 fees against local races, other Runrio races, and against nearby Asian races that you may know of.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Ride Improvements @ Subic

We had the usual Subic family weekend getaway the other week and I was excited to ride there again. Last time I rode, it was June12 last year from Boardwalk to Zoobic then Raceway then Boardwalk ---a total of 50kms. I always relish riding outside Metro Manila: the trees, the fresh air, the quiet Sunday roads...

...and challenging climbs.

I was able to enjoy my ride last March 26 with almost the same route (we checked in at another hotel for a 1km distance difference) and I felt that I improved since June. Taking my TrainingPeaks data from my two rides, I was able to compare ride parameters as below:


The increase in Average and Normalized Power could be brought about by just being constant in my weekday training and weekend long rides. Further, the 1-2/week strength training may have helped a lot too as I was able to power my way through the climbs.


Those weekday indoor trainer sessions concentrated on maintaining a level of power while keeping the cadence by at least 90. The overall average of 82 on my March ride, I believe, proved to be the biggest factor in keeping that ride in tact ---and far better than my June ride.


Climbing through the tough sectors of that ride meant I had to concentrate on maintaining my power (just below my FTP) in order to move forward. This means that I had to embrace the pain that I was in (screaming thighs and all!) and just suffer through it to get to the ascent.


More power, higher cadence, and into-the-pain-cave concentration can only result to one thing: faster speed! The 1.5kph difference from June may not be much, but it counts for a lot when it comes through the climbs.

Yup, can't wait to go to Subic and ride that route again. :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

May is Dua month

I hope to race two duathlons this May:

May 14 - Pilipinas Duathlon Series Leg 2 (Clark)
May 28 - Duaman (Nuvali)
The races are short compared to the standard 10-40-5 distance so it shouldn't be an issue recovery wise (for Duaman).

Training has been going well as I have managed to reach the sub60 CTL levels of TrainingPeaks again ---without getting sick. I am able to listen to my body on when to back off after a hard training day as this 40-ish year old needs a lot of rest and recovery.

Weight though is still a big issue. I'm still eating a lot (damn it!) so not much gains on pace and power if I'm still dragging a lot of excess fat on my runs and rides. Tsk tsk, I REALLY need to get this part fixed A-SAP!