Thursday, May 14, 2015

Race Recap: PhilDuaSeries Leg2 2015

The good:

  1. Good venue, race route
  2. Accurate distance
  3. Sufficient hydration stations
  4. Good number of race marshals
  5. Improved bike-check in (no more waiting in line, yey!)

For improvement:

  • Had to wait for over an hour after I finished the race to claim my bike and other stuff. I think the wrist band system should already cover possible theft so there's no need to wait for the last participant to finish the bike leg.

Race plan:

I missed 3-4 days of training 2 weeks prior to the race due to work related matters, so I had to limit my performance on this one especially on the run. Plan was to run tempo during Run1, ride tempo to hard, and then see if I can run on empty by Run2.

Race performance:

The 2 loop course on Run1 was a share of flats and short to medium climbs. I was able to keep my pace on target, finishing it on 6:28/km and 150bpm average.

Lookin' good at Run1

I rate myself as between "good" and "very good" on the 4 loop bike leg, managing to ride the false flats on my big ring. I got worried at one point as I might pay in Run2 for all that heavy lifting on the bike, but I just said to myself that Run2 is only 3km so I think I should be ok. I finished the bike leg in 1:09 and 26.3kph speed. Btw, the switching of pace/HR monitoring from my Forerunner 410 and Edge 800 and back was seamless, so I was able to monitor my bike parameters during the ride (cadence included).

My legs were still feeling good at the start of Run2, so I took the opportunity to speed up and take on the struggling runners one by one. I doused my head with water at every aid station. HR was high, as I weirdly expected (HR ave on Run2 was 160!). I guess this proved to be the result of the lack of run mileage and hard run workouts (tempos, intervals, bricks) that my body has not become used to lately. I have to improve on that. Run2 ended at 6:14/km which was quite good given the non-preparation for this race.

I looked at the race clock as I crossed the finish line and it read 2:14 and change which is a 2-minute PR from last year! YAHOO!

I was actually clapping on another participant who wouldn't allow me to beat him on the line. Good sprint anyway! Hehe...

I think that good showing on Run2 helped a lot. But then again, the PR could've been better than 2:14 have I done the needed training 2 weeks prior.

Next duathlon is on July (Clark), again by the org team of PhilDua (now Leg3). Improving my weight is a must by then, as my race pics just show how sluggish-looking I'm in. Still envious of those other athletes without abs, but hey I heard #Dadbod is becoming a trend? Hehe.

This weekend is the Alaska Cycle event and I'm excited for my 2 boys who'll be joining the kid race on Saturday morning. I'll be racing the next day, Sunday, on the 40km challenge so I hope to do good there as well.

Now, back to training....

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Getting There

My TP CTL value has finally breached the 50 level, now at exactly 52.3 with a TSB of -12.3. This was greatly contributed by pushing myself to workout during the weekdays and going for longer rides and runs on the weekends. Special attention to the long run as I have forced myself to run more than 10k (my last >10k run was Feb 2015). It had dwindled to 8k before I chose to correct it, increasing my long run distance to 10k, 12k, 17.5k, and, just yesterday, 18.5k. Pace is oh so slow for the last two runs as I've been running with an officemate on Saturday mornings who chose to get himself back into running shape. It's ok I guess as the slow pace trains me into utilizing fat and not glycogen to run, which will be most helpful in race situations.

I hope the slow but sure increase of CTL value continues from hereon, as I want to get back into the fitness level before I decided to go back to self-coaching last Aug 2014, wherein CTL was probably a little above 70.


I've registered to the May10 PhilDua Leg2 in Gen. Trias, Cavite which will be a 6k-30k-3k affair. I ran this race last year, with a somewhat torture of a bike leg (repeat loop of a long false flat and descent). Getting my family checked-in at the nearby Microtel will help as I don't have to cram in driving from Manila to Cavite just to reach the venue before 6am.

The thought of joining my first 21k since 2013 has been tossed in the ring after yesterday's completion of running 18.5k. I think I can finish 21k, but not at the pace that I wanted it before. But it gave me the confidence to sign up for Milo 21k in July. Let's see what happens in the coming weeks, if I remain consistent with my long runs.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Race Recap: PhilDuaSeries Leg1 2015

The good:

  1. Good race route
  2. Sufficient hydration stations
  3. Good number of race marshals
  4. Great turnout of over 800 duathletes!

For improvement:

  1. Started an hour late (7am) due to only 1 laptop processing the reg/bike check-in. 
  2. Inaccurate distance based on my Garmin: 
    • Run1 was 4.17km instead of 4km
    • Bike was 27.6km instead of 25km
    • Run2 was 4.77km instead of 4km

Race plan:

Trainingpeaks TSS was at 6+, which meant that the 1 week cram for taper may somehow work. I was able to put in a tempo and speedwork session 2 weeks prior to race day so hopefully that will carry me here. Plan was to pace Run1 at 6:30/km, Bike at 27-28kmh, and Run2 at 6:00/km. Gels must be taken every 30mins as prescribed. My standing PR for a 4-25-4 duathlon is 1:47 (2014). I am not aiming for that (yet), but finishing somewhere in that vicinity, at my current shape, would be a good boost for the season.

Race performance:

The delay in gun start proved one thing was for sure: by the time I start Run2, it'll be very hot. Thus, I went to the water station near the starting area and gulped as much as I can.

By 7am, we were off running.

That's me in the Smart tri top
Run1 was supposed to be 6:30/km but my Garmin (and my adrenalin) had other plans: 6:00/km. I was feeling somewhere between ok and great so I kept it at that pace, thinking that it's only 4km anyway and that I will just hydrate and recover as much as I can on the bike. Run1 finished at 25:20 with 6:06/km average pace. Took a gel after km1.

The bike was next and I was all too familiar with the Nuvali loop already, probably being my 3rd or 4th time here. I managed to do well, IMO, as I pushed the long low-grade climbs and short high-grade ones on the way to a 26.0kph average for the 27.6km ride. Slacked off probably on the downhill mainly to recover for Run2. Maybe I should've pedaled more then. Took a gel 20mins into the ride and another one just before reaching T2.

Run2 will show how much I am prepared (or not) for this race. My last duathlon, the one in Porac, saw me bonking and walking Run2. It showed that I wasn't able to pace myself during Run1 and the Bike that I had nothing left for Run2. An unforgettable experience for me.

This time, I was able to pace myself well, running the 4.7km course in 6:09/km pace. I was running constantly and fully concentrated on the effort. I doused myself with water in the hydration stops so that helped, even if I think that the weather then was sunny but not that hot. I wasn't even mindful of the exceeded distance (0.77km) as I was running smoothly, IMO. 

What worried me in Run2 was that average HR was at 161, with peak HR at 176. Run1 ave HR was only at 151. I may need to find out how to improve on this for the next race. Probably more bike-run brick workouts next time?

I finished the race in 2:04. Because of the added distance, if I calculate the average paces I raced with the 4-25-4 distance plus estimations on the T1 and T2 time, I may have finished at 1:55. That's pretty acceptable for me. 

Definitely with a big room for improvement.

Oh well, there's always the next race to look forward to. :)