Thursday, November 16, 2017

Year End 21k Coming Right Up!

And so, I signed up for this (blindly, hahaha):

It reads "Good Evening Taipei City Invitational Half Marathon"

Reg fee for the 21k race is around PhP1,300.00 when converted to our currency. It took a while for me to reg online as I had to read everything carefully (after Google Translate did a good job on the Chinese language conversion). Racekit can be picked up in the race venue (I hope, hehe). The nice thing about this race is that the 21k gun time will be at 4:30PM with a 3.5hr cutoff time so no pressure on waking up early. The weather should be nice and cold by end December there (I think...and hope) so that should be a good thing for all of us running the half marathon.

I am not sure how the elevation profile for the route will be so I may have to check it out with Hopefully it'll not be a hilly one.

Please be flat :D

So this means I will have to draw up my weekly long run sked until race week (which I've already done) and commit to completing them every Sunday. What's going for me mentally is that I had a good 21k race last month so I just have to recall and improve the way I will approach the training and execution for this race be it pacing and nutrition wise.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Off Season

Trainingpeaks CTL value has dropped to 50 as of today (from a high of 56 mid Oct due to my 21k race). Laziness and family obligations (birthday and vacations) have crept into this latter part of the year so training volume has really decreased a lot.

As usual, I will need to up the training as my weight is nearing 170lbs again. Yup, I have yet to reach my target 159lbs before the year ends. Keto is an option as most of my officemates are seeing remarkable results, but I love the carbs too much so that it's definitely out. Hehe.

I think I will have to hit pause on off-season mode to get motivated to train again. An option could be the Nov12 National Dua championships but I am in no condition (bike wise) to finish that in good time. Logistics will have to be considered as well since the venue is in Subic.

There's also the annual BGC Cycle event which I can join in the 40k race ---still undecided though.

Another one is a 21k Dec30 sundown race in Taiwan which is highly possible since we already booked plans to spend our Christmas family vacation there this year. This one looks possible since I have enough time from now to bring my running volume up. This is still on the drawing board though so let's see if I will have the balls to register before the Nov16 deadline.

Then again, the cold BER months just want to make you curl up under your blanket and doze these calories away. Hahaha...

Oh well. :D

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Race Review: Nutrilite Health Run 2017

The good:

  1. Great race org in general (as usual from Runrio)
  2. Accurate distance (21k)
  3. Affordable reg fee of P850.00 vs other 21k races (also from Runrio)
For improvement:
  1. The 3am gun start is too early for a 21k. Usually, this is reserved for full marathons.

My race:

I went into this race armed with enough training miles under my belt and a manageable strategy to hopefully meet 2:30.

To cut to the chase, I finished in 2:27+ ---well within my target and still standing.

I stuck to my plan all throughout:
  • Pace 7:00/km for the first 16k, then go all out on the last 5k (averaged 6:45/km here)
  • Gel intake every 45 mins (which ended up around km8 and 14)
  • Trusted my training and hoped for the best
I was monitoring my pace (7/km) and heart rate (not reaching 159, my threshold) constantly. For the latter, it was expected to increase on the short flyover climbs (there were 4) and on the last 5k where I was on the chase. I was all the more inclined on to maintain sub 7/km pace in the last 5k since I saw that I was ran 7:05/km for the first 10 miles. I was more intent then to finish this in sub-2:30 time.

Everything went all according to plan and I was feeling great all throughout, with the good weather (with very slight drizzle) accompanying us 21k runners in the middle of the night. The near flat race course and sufficient hydration stops helped as well, which somehow made we wonder if I will be able to finish sub-2:30 if this were on a hilly course such as BGC/Mckinley.

But I will DEFINITELY take last Sunday's 2:27+ finish, with the thought that at 43 (turning 44 this Sat) I can still finish a 21k race in a respectable time. Further, this was a 16 minute improvement from the TakboPH 21k that I ran last year so another reason for this advanced birthday gift for myself.

All in all, a job well done. 😤

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Nutrilite Health Run: Pre-Race Thoughts

It's a few days before my half-marathon (after a long looong while) and I *think* I'm ready for it.

I did a couple of long runs on weekends (two 16s, a 14, and a 12k) and peppered with tempo and race-pace runs during the weekdays. The typical half marathon plan requires an 18k but I wasn't able to do one so I expect the race to be a challenge after 2 hours of running.

It would be an accomplishment to finish in sub-2:30 but anywhere around it is well ok with me. I read my blog posts years ago wherein sub-2:20s are normal for me for half marys. But I have been training with my bike as well (which I love) so achieving such a time is not possible at this point due to lack of time.

Another thing that I am worried about is the 3am gun start (I didn't practice this) which is normally reserved for full marathons. I don't know why Runrio, the race org, scheduled this waaaay too early. This is one of the bad points in races here in our traffic congested country. Races need to start way early in the morning so that we don't cause traffic jams even on a supposed easy Sunday morning. Races in other countries don't start this early. Yeah, probably the tropical weather too was taken into account but 3 effin' o clock AM? Ugh.

This is why I prefer duathlons (and bike races) since they normally start at 6am (although I was told the recent Powerman Clark started at 7:45am for some of the age groupers. Yikes!).

Anyway, back to my race on Sunday. I hope to do well by keeping my pace and nutrition/hydration in check. As I said, it's gonna be challenging by the latter kilometers but I hope to finish this one in good time.

Here we go!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Pinoy Running Blogs I Recommend

Aside from my blog (hehe), here's a list of Philippine Running Blogs that I read on my spare time (which can be found on the "Other Blogs" tab on the left side of this page).

Note that this list is in no particular order:

The Bull Runner

Jaymie Pizzaro has been in the running (and tri) scene for quite a number of years now, having established The Bull Runner Dream Marathon to guide newbies into completing their first (of hopefully, many) full marathon. Her posts range from running tips, running event announcements, and her personal account of the races she's participated in. I like it when she posts her race experiences when another participant tries to overtake or draft behind her ---which she leaves in the dust very often. Jaymie is quite fast based on the races that I was able to join that she participated in as well.

Bald Runner
Jovy Narcise is another long time running blogger who's the brain behind the Tagaytay-to-Nasugbu (T2N) and Bataan Death March (BDM) Ultramarathons, to name a few. Coming from the military, his posts are of no nonsense writing of his race adventures which are mostly from the marathon and ultramarathon category. His race reports are very detailed (time upon reaching a certain km mark, for example) such that race organizers will be very wary of him if he joins one of their races. Scrutiny of every detail in the race org manner will definitely come up in his post if it needs the organizing committee's attention for improvement. And, btw, this retired military general is very fast for his age so I take serious note of whatever tips he posts in his blog. I particularly liked that post he wrote years back on his discovery of the Maffetone method which I learned to adapt too.

Kikay Runner
Noelle De Guzman is very active in her blog posting, probably almost once or twice a week. Based on her posts early this year to mid (A day in the life series), her being competitive in the tri season took a back seat to get her body to recover. She has recently returned to active training (a new series called Return to Endurance) which could mean that she'll be back racing triathlons very soon. Her posts are well written, making you realize that training for races is not all there is in this world and that there are more important stuff out there that needs looking into. But when she trains and races, she looks to be very competitive based on her posts. Aside from race experiences, she also posts running event announcements, and other means to get fit (cross training, nutrition, etc.).

Running Shield
When it comes to short and sweet, nothing comes close in terms of Philippine running blogs as that of Patrick Concepcion's. Mostly posting his race experiences, he recounts his overall feeling before, during, and after the race ---with a touch that makes you feel that this guy really loves his running. With race photos be it during the race or post group pics with friends, it is all there in his post. Yes, Patrick is one FAST runner too!

Running Fatboy
Dennis Quepe is also another runner that has been active for several years. His posts are mostly experiences from races he's joined and he is one tough runner. He is a regular at the 21k and 42k race calendar (although he hasn't posted quite a while since July 2017 Milo season). He gives quite a good recap of his races which makes the reader want to cheer for him as one reads along. Determination at its best.

By Sheer Will
Rico Villanueva probably represents most of us who struggle with the daily grind of life, work, and how to fit in our training/fitness goals. Rico has also been around the running/tri scene for quite a while now and his posts on how he is able to achieve and complete his races has always been admirable to read. By sheer will, indeed. He hasn't posted in 4 months so I hope he gets to upload one soon to help get me motivated as well.

Well, that's quite it for now. I may be able to add some more soon. Do you have other Pinoy running/tri blogs to recommend? Do share with them via the comments section below.