Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Be Kind 2017

December 2016 ended and I wasn't able to race that month. This was somehow replaced by continuous Christmas parties and feasting, resulting in a small weight gain (thank goodness!) during the Holiday season which I need to find a way to lose (and keep it down).

Similar to most out there griping events that unfolded in 2016, this was the same for me race wise. The last two in particular (BikeKing Dua and BGC Cycle) didn't even give me a chance to prove my worth as I wasn't able to start due to unfortunate incidents.

This should not happen this year. I hope to have a better count of races in 2017 vs last year (only 6 races last year!).

Right now, for January, I'm looking at either the Jan22 PSE Bull Run (10 or 21k) or the Enduro(?) Duathlon in Clark. Either way, I hope to race on the 22nd.

That's on the short term.

My other target races for this year are:

  1. BikeKing Duathlon
  2. Powerman MOA
  3. Completing the PhilDua series
  4. Milo Metro Manila 21k 
  5. A RunRio 21k
  6. An international race perhaps?
  7. Powerman Clark (the full distance?)
So I hope 2017 will be kind to me by getting better race performances (which can only be achieved thru better training). Having another DNS race would be disastrous at this point.

CTL is back down on the upper 40s so I need to plan (and execute!) my training sked better. I signed up for Anytime Fitness gym near our office so I hope I can do more strength training there to supplement my runs and my rides.

Happy New Year btw!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Down But Not Out

As (dumb) luck would have it, I wasn't able to race the annual BGC Cycle event. I got sick since Friday evening and wasn't able to recover in time for Sunday morning.

I suspect that Wed ride wherein I tested the new bike chain by riding outdoors. It got cut short when it suddenly rained so probably sweat and rain made for a good/bad combo to get sick.

Second DNS in a row and along with it my TrainingPeaks CTL crumbling back to the 40s level. 

Damn it.

I am still not fully despaired by this so nothing else to do but to learn from this and move forward.

There could be one more race left in me for 2016. Be it a 10k or duathlon, I hope to race one more time to end my 2016 season in a bright note.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Finding Motivation

A quick update on my training. As in the TrainingPeaks PmC charts below for bike and run, my training needs motivation.

The bike decrease was due mainly to lack of long rides during the weekend brought about my preference to use my carbon wheelset (where the rear got damaged last month) versus my RS11 training wheels. Good thing that the replacement I bought came in time last Friday so I immediately tested it out on last Sunday's Camp Aguinaldo ride with the Titos.

The run chart shows I'm holding it somewhat with a very slight decrease. The long run commitment is also lacking, unfortunately, so I need to get myself motivated to run (long) more. Probably registering for a run race (possibly the NB Run on December?) could help me up the volume.

Except for next month's BGC cycle event (and possibly the December NB Run), I've no planned races left for the year. Another duathlon would've been nice but I think I need to go back to the drawing board, build my base better, and work on my speed (on both bike and run). Registering blindly for another dua might just frustrate me again once I struggle on my race pace so I really need to work on that first.

Yup, and loose the excess pounds too. :-)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

GCN provides alternative to TheSufferfest videos

I've somewhat gotten over the disappointment from my DNS last Sunday, doing two indoor trainer workouts so far (Tues and Thurs) to cheer me up via an endorphin boost.

Tues was the TheSufferfest Revolver session, a 49-minute "short but sweet(?)" interval workout to improve speedwork.

This morning, Thursday, was supposed to be a Zone2 ride but I gambled upon doing this workout that I saw on YouTube:

I was hoping for a stable internet connection throughout the 1 hour session and, thankfully, it cooperated. The workout itself proved to be simple yet very effective with the goal to improve strength and endurance (thus aptly entitled "Build Strength+Endurance 1 Hour Workout). Plus the on-screen graphics are a welcome change as well from that of TheSufferfest's.

GCN YouTube workouts such as this can provide the needed alternative should I get tired of doing TheSufferfest workouts. Further, the nice thing about GCN workouts is that it's on YouTube, hence, FREE for everyone to use.

Hopefully the rain stops so I can resume running outside again.

Yup, better now. :-)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Frustrated, Disappointed

Today was a hard humbling lesson for me as I DNS'ed the BikeKing Duathlon.

Yes, I wasn't able to start in my A-Race for this year.

In summary my rear wheel set fell off from my bike and broke while driving to the start venue. I was only able to realize it when I parked at Sandbox Porac, the rear wheel missing from my bike as it hanged from the bike rack.

I was able to retrieve it and scavenge for reusable parts (the tire, the interior (possibly), the 6800 cog, and the Garmin magnet), after retracing my steps with the help of one of the race participants telling me he may have seen it somewhere in Clark across Petron.

All else was deemed for disposal, specifically the skewer and the rear CNC wheelset itself.

This served me well. Thanks CNC!

Right now I feel very disappointed, with all my race preparations (mental, physical, and financial) down the drain all because of my overconfidence with the bike rack.

The duathlon gods thought it would be a good laugh to tag me as the unlucky one for the day.

Yup, they got me indeed. But I wasn't laughing.

I vented my frustrations by running inside Clark for 13k instead, recalling that run loop on my last dua (the Phil Dua leg4) where I did badly on Run2. It was a struggle on the latter part of this run, as I battled mentally the thought of me that should've been racing and plying the SCTEX on my bike ---and possibly getting near my 3:29 PR.

I know there's always next year but what happened this morning will be something that I won't be able to forget anytime soon.


But I guess there is a good ending to this mishap. I was able to spend time with my family in the resort this morning during breakfast and (longer time) in the pool ---something that I don't get to do when we come to Clark for a race. What happened made me appreciate my family more, and that they are more important than a broken rear wheel set (and a skewer).

Alas, onto my next race, whatever it may be.....