Friday, September 24, 2010

The early bird gets....

....the KOTR racekit.

Woohoo! Nice singlet!

Click here to get race info on registration and maps.

See you on Oct.24!


  1. Whoooo, plastic over the bib, is that in case it decides to typhoon man? I was worried about that during my race because it was drizzling, pouring up until the race start. That is a great idea. Did it come with it or is that your deal? Or is that what it comes in for protection? Anyways, Take care and Godspeed King of the Road!!!

  2. The plastic is just packaging when I got the bib. It's removed on raceday. The vib itself is actually waterproof. :-)

  3. I see! Thanks for explaining! My wife was so cool. Instead of using the safety pins, she actually sowed the bib to my top. Worked out beautifully! Take care man! Will be in the PH Feb and March of next year. Hope to catch up with ya whilst we are there.