Monday, November 8, 2010

Farewell to the King

Haile ends his great career after the DNF-ing at the 2010 NYC marathon.

For all it's worth Haile, your racing career had a good run (no pun intended).

For the rest of us, we run.


  1. That was really something seeing him pull out like that, but I have greater respect for him for doing that than anything else. I just wished that Shalane would have taken 1st place in the women's. I had more fun watching the women's than men's. After Haile dropped out, I wanted Meb to get 1st. The women's was something else. Take care. I don't think he is done yet though.

  2. yup, his tweet yesterday says he's thinking about it. I think he decided too fast about retiring. who knows? maybe he'll still run in Tokyo in Feb.

    Shalane made a great debut but I couldn't say the same for Bairu who DNF'ed.