Monday, June 21, 2010

My Long Run and Mr. Wilson

Sunday morning I woke up at almost 5am for my scheduled long run: 29k. Gear, hydration, and nutrition were all set. The planned route was the Nutreogena 15k route to be done almost twice to complete the required mileage. Planned pace was an easy 7:00-8:00 mpk throughout.

I was doing fine (averaging just between 7:30-8:00 mpk) when I stopped at km11 halfway along Bayani Road. Nope I wasn't injured or anything, but I just felt the need to stop. I just sat by the sidewalk and looked miserably at myself, disappointed that I might have to cut short the planned long run ---again.

It was at this state when I saw a runner coming towards my way to Lawton. He was wearing his signature gear: 405 and Livestrong yellow wristband on one hand, while clasping a bottled drink on the other. His neon-green NB905s gave him away. I've never met the guy other than here at the blogosphere since he would most often be on his way home while I'm still 5-6kms to go whenever we both ran a half-marathon.

It was 4:07 marathoner Wilson Tan.

Our conversation was only about a minute or so, dwelling on the looming Milo marathon on July 4. He had been running for over 10k today he said, and intends to finish the route back to BHS, I presume.

"Dude kaya mo yan!" was all I can remember as he ran back up to Lawton. I got myself back up and started my way down to Heritage where I resumed my easy 7:30 pace. Going back up, with the lure of the banana stand and the next door bakery at the corner of Bayani, I decided to call it a day.

I sat there in front of the bakery with a C2 apple-tea and spanish bread in hand. Nutrition or lack thereof, I think, will be one of the main contributors of my possible DNF if I don't plan for it well for Milo. The 42k distance I know I can finish. But will I finish it running or walking? That'll depend on the nutrition plan, and my mindset by km32 (should I reach km32).

I ran-walked-walked the remaining kilometers until I reached the car. 15kms and change. I got no energy left to run another round and the sun was slowly coming up anyway. These lonely long runs are not doing me well. Need to get PC, my triathlete-officemate debuting on the full-mary as well, to join me on this weekend's last long run (24km).

It's less than 2 weeks away from Milo.

The journey to my first full marathon continues.


  1. sir, kaya yan! i'll be watching the MILO marathon only. will not join the race. it's either i'll be on the aid station or part of the pacers. :D

  2. thanks Rainier! I hope to see you there!

  3. A few weeks ago, I had an experience similar to yours. After half way point, I had to walk, run the rest, but the next week, it was better, slower than ever, but better as I ran the whole thing. Sometimes, we just can not explain the running thing. Thing happen. Our bodies are not a black and white subject matter. A lot of things play role into our running. Best wishes and success to you as you continue your marathon journey. Take care.

  4. thanks Kenley! it really was weird stopping at km11 that time. wasnt injured. sort of lazy perhaps? hmmm...

  5. it was really nice seeing you there! namention pa tuloy ako dito... hehe

  6. nice seeing u as well Wilson. Now go get that sub-4 marathon finish! :D