Sunday, June 6, 2010

2010 Company Sportsfest: My 1st 15k


Yup, I was still a newbie when it came to this race distance. I ran a 10-miler and some half-marathons, but not a 15k.

This was my next race after last week's RunRio2 21k. This 15k was organized by RunRio so it had the same look and feel as last week. That is, the route was almost the same (short of 6k of course) and with less participants (only around 30-40 people ran the 15k event). We all got split up by the time I reached the Buendia-Kalayaan flyover. Running it by my lonesome felt very surreal.

As I wanted to redeem myself from last week's race, I changed a few things going into this race. First, I used my Adidas which were lighter than my Asics (about 30grams lighter per foot based on the specs on the 'net). Second, to hell with a conservative easy pace. My plan was to give it my all since, well, this is a race!

To cut the long story short, I finished 1:37 (unofficial) via a positive split pacing. I actually zoomed at the start (I NEVER learn) with a 5:18/km pace which I've NEVER recorded in any prior race and then slowed down until my last km recorded at 6:59/km. The 6:27/km average pace recorded by my 305 was encouraging since I felt that I found my race pace again ---except of course, by the blooper I did by zooming off at km1-2 which was too much for my body to handle.

Nevertheless, the 1:37 is still a PR as this was my first 15k.

Oh btw, we got to use the paper-chip (finally!). I'll tell you more about it on my next post.

Completing the long run

As I was required to do 26km this weekend, my plan was to run 11km more (duh!). I went back to ROX BHS parking and changed my shoes (Adidas to Asics), socks, and singlet and headed off for additional mileage. Unfortunately, I was severely fatigued (i.e. got lazy) that I only managed to make 2 rounds around BHS or about 2.4kms.

Total for the day: 17.4km ---failed in terms of meeting the planned long run mileage.

I really have to start following my marathon-plan to the letter now moreover that the Milo Marathon is less than a month away. A few more long-run and tempo run misses and I might have to start thinking of delaying my marathon debut to probably Dec.5 (2nd QCIM) or Feb 2011 (Condura Run).


  1. Congratulations on your PB Daytripper. Now you have a 15k in your bag of races completed. Now, with conentrated effort on a 15k, what would your next time be I wonder? I think that the 15k is an awesome middle distance race. Best wishes and success in your training and upcoming events.

  2. Thanks Kenley! 15k and 10-milers are not that often here. These distances require effort too but not as much as half-marathons (obviously). 1:37 is a good start and enough room for future PRs (hopefully).

    Keep on running!