Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sayo na Chi

I've been learning a lot from reading this book. Stressing on improving one's running form to run more efficiently and to prevent injury, it's remarkable to see how the pointers I absorbed from reading it have taken effect in my morning runs.

You just need to be very patient with it ---improving your running form, that is--- since there are many key points from head to toe that needs to be considered.

I'm only on page 90 as of this blog post but I can see the improvements when I remember to do these things:

1. slight forward lean
2. foot strike just below your center of gravity, thus reducing impact to the knees
3. your 'chi' is located from your head to the tail of your spine. it should always be straight but relaxed

And many others.

This is a good read for those like me who want to run more efficiently and who'd like to reduce injuries incurred when running.

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