Thursday, January 14, 2010

Future runner

Every chance we get, my family and I would spend Saturday mornings at BHS. A hearty brunch at Pancake House is in order since Saturday mornings are scheduled for my long runs. Pancake House 2pc chicken, SARAP!

There is always the mandatory window-shopping at RUNNR, salivating on the latest shoes and other running gear displayed in the store. There are times that I do buy Hammer Gel to replenish my stocks, used primarily for long runs and races. "Tropical" is the flavor of choice. Pag wala, it's always good to experiment to try the other flavors.

Lucas, my 3-year old, loves to run whenever that Tiger biscuit commercial is on the tube (the one with the "Rocky" theme playing in the background). He playfully imitates the mascot with matching punches in the air a la Sly.

As we walked out of RUNNR one Saturday morning, Lucas just started running around the empty lot in the middle of BHS. Probably he still had LSS of the Rocky theme the previous night. Here are some pics I took of the little fella.

Good form, good stride. Hmmm...

In case he wants to pursue running in the future, I'm giving him my full support.

Who knows? He could be the first Filipino to win the Boston Marathon. ;-)


  1. A very good form and the smile on his face clearly shows that he is enjoying! A joy to any parent.

  2. @runaholic, tnx! mana sa daddy. ahehehe.

    @sir amado, we were there yesterday brunch time. we brought his bicycle (gft from "Santa") and he had a great time roaming around.