Monday, January 4, 2010

The 2009 Daytripped-Running Awards

Here are some of the awards I would like to hand out after a mind-blowing 2009 year of running for me. Take note that the awards I'm giving are based on my own running experience only.

1. Best Organizer: RACE

When you need to have a well-organized race, you bring in the big guns. A definite stand-out is Rudy Biscocho's RACE. The Condura, Mizuno, Milo Finals, Adidas KOTR are among RACE's amazing work. (Special mention: Finishline, XTribe)

2. Best 5k Race: Condura

My first-ever race. A simple route around BHS/Serendra/Market2x. Marshals all-throughout.

3. Best 10k Race: Mizuno Time Trials

The surprise announcement that it was a Time Trial was totally unique. I can't wait to beat my 69mins set-time in the 2010 edition this coming April! (Special mention: QCIM)

4. Worst 10k Race: Run for CHILD

Until now the race results have not been posted. The fact that the National Nutrition Council run by the Government was one of the endorsers didn't help.

5. Best 21k Race: Milo Finals

KOTR should've won but the Expo Day1 mix-up could not be denied. With Milo starting the race at km-zero, it was a dream come true. Long tables, timing-chips, great control of vehicular-traffic, and a cheap registration fee of P150.00 earns Milo my vote. (Special mention: NB Power Run)

6. Best singlet: Adidas KOTR

Absolutely THE best singlet of the year. Period.

7. Best value-for-money Race: Slimmerun

With a 300.00 (or was it 250?) reg-fee, this race was the best value since there were lots of freebies given after the race.

8. Best Finisher's shirt: QTV Step-Up-For-A-Cause

9. Most challenging route: McKinley Hills

Magneto wins this one by a mile. (Special mention: Buendia-Kalayaan flyover)

10. Best running-blog: Just Another Head Fake

It's the simple but poignant posts that I keep coming back to read this blog by "halimaw" Wilson Tan. Back-dropped by a very simple layout, the posts are pretty straightforward and almost always makes me think, "Oo nga ano?!" This is THE essence of a runner's blog. (Special mention: The Gingerbread Report, Run Unltd)

11. Best running-community:

Could there be anything else? ;-)

Come back next year for the 2010 awards! :-)

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  1. oh wow, man, this is a shock to me. jolted me awake as i was reading news and blogs this morning. thanks a lot!(this is a bit embarassing now)