Monday, January 25, 2010

Adidas miCoach

I was doing the usual rounds during lunch today: restocking my HammerGels (Toby's is already selling btw) and ogling continously at the Asics Kayano16 and GT2140 at Olympic Village when I chanced upon the Adidas stall there.

My current shoe, the Adidas Response Stability shoe, was still there. I'd still look at it since I thought that I really made a steal when I bought the same for 50% less at another store months back. However, I realized that it was an upgraded version when I looked at the insole. I was surprised to see this logo:

My suspicion that it's going to compete against Nike+ was well confirmed when I removed the insole and found an oval spot where one can insert the gadget. Definitely, they're going to give Nike a run for their money (no pun intended).

One big advantage over Nike+ is that it can connect to any mp3 player. Another is that it has those color-coded training zones that Nike+ doesn't have. Samsung even released its own miCoach phone as beautifully demonstrated in this video:

Here's the Adidas miCoach website if you'd like to learn more. I advise that you click Watch Demo to gain a preview of this gadget. Adidas can contact me as well if you'd want me to review it further (wishful thinking, hehe).

In terms of keeping time/pace since I started running last March 2009, I've moved up from a stopwatch, to using the Nokia Sports Tracker, and finally to a Garmin 305. I can say that having a gadget to keep time/pace is very important if one wants to improve on running/racing.

It really helps.


  1. I saw miCoach last year. It was first a tie-up with Samsung. I didnt think it was a good idea since it makes the product more expensive. Their new design is more cost effective.

    Adidas says miCoach will be available in the Philippines by Feb/Mar. ;)

  2. boss jinoe! :)

    yup the new design is cheaper, around $149 according to a review on youtube. looks promising.

    let me know if adidas requires volunteers to review it. (wink wink)

  3. Saw this also before. It somehow caught my interest (even if I'm a Nike girl, hehe!) coz it came with a Heart Monitor, unlike the Nike+ sportband. =)