Friday, August 7, 2009

Recommended Running Songs

Yup, I'm that guy you see that wears a black pair of medium sized earphones over his black cap during races.

I run faster (but not THAT fast) when I have music pumping into my ears. I tried running without music and I almost always end up at a slower average pace. It's a drug that produces a natural high that keeps my adrenalin in check. It's better to hear music versus hearing my own voice saying:

"Kalokohan itong takbo-takbo na ginagawa mo! Tignan mo inunahan ka nung tabachoy na yun oh!"


"Pagod ka na, maglakad ka na muna!"


"Naiihi ka na. Naiihi ka na. Kelangan mo nang umihi...."

Yup, music keeps me high (and sane).

Here are 2 new songs on my playlist that I recommend (if it suits your taste).

Di ba parang ang sarap tumakbo while these songs are playing? :)

Keep on running!!!


  1. great selection, though i don't listen to music during races. i find it dangerous, and i think i could concentrate better without it. in some races in the US mp3 players are banned. oh well, i guess different things work for different people.

  2. yup I heard about that in the US. baka siguro ngayon lang that I'm starting to run I need the music. probably as I learn to improve my pace and endurance I'll slowly let go of my earphones+mp3player.

  3. It's proven through studies that you unconsciously follow the beat that you listen to. So if you're planning to beat your PR, you better load up on high-BPM songs :) Personally, I can't run without music, just like you weird thoughts get into my head :)


  4. @ginger, yup need to get those weird thoughts out. fyi, nag-10k practice run ako kahapon with the 2 new songs packed in my playlist. grabe, 66mins ako! i think that's my fastest 10k so far!

    I'll stick to listening to music while running for the meantime. ;-)