Saturday, April 6, 2019

Pre Race Thoughts: Clark Dua Classic

It's Saturday night and I just came back from a wedding of my wife's 2nd cousin. My bike and race equipment are all set to be put in the car for the 1.5hr drive to Clark later early morning.

Race kit needs to be claimed before the 6am gun time so I hope to leave QC around 3am for enough buffer, just in case.

These past 2 weeks of taper have been focused on 30min sessions of either ride or runs at or near race pace which I hope to observe throughout the race tomorrow.

Nutrition will be c/o the usuals: GU and lots of water. GU to be taken at the start, 3/4 of the way of Run1, midway and towards the end of the ride, and maybe 1 in T2 for insurance.

Pace strategy will be to aim for 6.30/km on the runs and hope to be between 27 to 28kph average on the bike leg....which boasts of two loops around the dreaded Wall in Clark. Let's see how the new aerobike frame holds on race conditions which I predict will perform well.

Transition time should be fast so hopefully no problems there.

Race time aim? A sub-3hr finish would be excellent, but I might finish around 3.10 to 3.20 by my estimates which should be mission accomplished based on the way I trained for this.

But we'll usual. 😉

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