Friday, March 30, 2018

PF Sub1 10k: What I Learned

Just leaving a few notes here on what I learned from PF Sub1 10k before I think about what to race next.

1. HR monitor optional on race day. This is probably good to consider if I'm racing short races such as 5k 10k or sprint type duathlons. It just confuses me from monitoring what's more important like my run pace time or bike power during laps.

2. More cadence drills. At 174 steps per minute for this race, it's still below the recommended 180 s.p.m.

3. Lose weight. I could've finished faster had I disciplined myself from heavy weekend munching which added to my raceday excess baggage.

4. Probably a GU during the early kms? I only made good pace (5.40/km) on km5 to 6 and struggled keeping 5.50 thenafter. Maybe I need improvement on firming up my base fitness instead since the race is less than an hour?

Inspite of these self suggested improvements, I still consider last Sunday's race as a great comeback in terms of really fast running.

Hmmm, now to browse for my next race.


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