Saturday, August 20, 2016

Phil Duathlon Leg4: Pre-Race Thoughts

In a nutshell, I am mentally ready for tomorrow's race (10k-40k-5k) although my training logs show otherwise. 

The rains (and my laziness) contributed to most of the lackluster mileage deposits in my TrainingPeaks account, showing a sub-50 CTL rate (but TSB, obviously, at a 9+ grade which means I am very fresh ---or too fresh?).

Aside from the high TSB (which means training-stress balance btw), what I have going for me is that I still have that 7lb loss which *may* help me get through the runs and the ride. I have also refitted myself on the bike (using an IOS app which is pretty cool btw) after a long while so that could also help me be fresh for Run2.

I just hope that the weather cooperates tomorrow morning so that all of us can enjoy the race (afraid that they may remove the Bike leg completely if the rains pour too hard).

Let's see how this one goes, shall we?

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