Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Two Races


This race was forgetable for a lot of things. Power meter battery died before the start of the race. FD broke temporarily on the 1st few kms. Took a pee break. And I was at my heaviest weight coming into this.

The result? A dismal (but still decent IMHO) 1:26:09 finish time which is my worst to date.

Yup, forgetable.


The good:

  1. Good amount of race marshals
  2. Good amount of aid stations (and Gatorade!)
  3. Freebies after the race, especially the nice finisher shirt

For improvement:
  1. Racekit distribution should be done ideally when you register. Not on the day of the race so as not to cause delays
  2. Race didn't start on time because people arrived late (and had to claim their race kits). Supposed to be 6am but we were flagged off at 6.30am

My race:

I wasn't in tip top shape (still! ughhhh) so I had to race this conservatively. The week before I did a simulation (6-20-4, add an extra km at the end for insurance) and did baaaadly on Run2 (bonked actually).

On race day I was able to pull through. The overall time was bad (as expected) but I didn't bonk in Run2 as I was able to manage my gel intake beforehand (1 before gun start, 1 at km5 of Run1, and another 1 10mins before Run2).

Still a lot of work needed, especially on the runs. I still need to inject back those speedwork and tempo runs to have a better race time.

Up next? Possibly a half-marathon. We'll see....

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