Sunday, August 17, 2014

Race Review: White Flower Run (10k)


  1. Accurate distance
  2. Adequate water supply
  3. Good marshal work
  4. Nice route that took the 10k runners to the Buendia flyover (pleasant surprise)
  5. Loot bag
  6. P100.00 refund for the reg fee was given
  7. Small crowd which is what I liked since many may have been at MoA for the Sofitel run
  1. 5am gunstart was moved to 5:30am
  2. No energy drink at the aid stations, especially for the 21k runners

My 10k race time was at 1:01+, confirming that I have lots to go in terms of getting back into good running shape. I was focused at most parts of the run but my body was obviously not well tuned to maintain sub-6:00/km pace. There were lots of climbs along the BGC race route which was challenging enough, with my HRM reporting 155-160 on these climbs. Average HR for the race was at 153, showing that I really gave a good effort in this tune-up race. An upside for me here was that I managed not to take in any gel for the race so all that energy was from the chicken inasal last night, hehehe.

Well, no excuses. I lack the training so I didn't deserve to get a sub-60 time. 

Back to training...


  1. Energy Drinks are not necessary. I ran dozens of half marathon and most of them doesn't have energy drinks.

    Surprisingly, their water is cold and the lootbag are much better than other commercialized run.

    1. Agree on the cold water and loot bag. The thin crowd made for good pace as well. :)


  2. Hi, Do you know if they will post photos and results about the race?

    1. hi Ramiro. I went to their FB page ( but couldn't find the results. For the photos, you may want to try "Photo-Ops" and "Running Photographers" FB pages.