Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Aug 04-10, 2014 Training Log

Last week:
  • Mon - rest
  • Tues - rest
  • Wed - Bike + BodyCombat Class
  • Thu - basketball
  • Fri - 10k run
  • Sat - 97k bike
  • Sun - rest

I overestimated my capabilities last week as I should’ve rested last Friday morning after the Thursday night basketball. The result was over fatigue and I still pursued that long Saturday ride, leading up to getting sick since Sunday.

Btw, I think I did well in that Saturday ride as I rode solo from Home to Pisong Kape via Antipolo, then rode back via Cardona-Ortigas route. It took me almost 5 hours, mostly due to the Saturday traffic that I had to go thru, especially in Ortigas from Tikling. There were lots of hills and I’m quite amazed at myself as how I now prefer to have them rather than mostly flats. Challenging, yes.
927m total elevation gain

It’s already Tuesday and I still feel like crap. Training still can’t be done, moving into great uncertainty if I’ll be in 100% shape by Sunday’s 10k race. Yup, I signed up for the Whiteflower 10k at BGC this Sunday to sort of get me into race-mode again. A warm-up race in preparation for next month’s SCTEX Duathlon (6-60-4).

See you there….or not.

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