Monday, July 14, 2014

A pleasant Strava surprise at Raceway, Subic

So I spent the weekend at Subic, one of many destinations that my family and I like to be whenever short weekend getaways come to mind. There's Baguio, Nasugbu, Tagaytay, and Rizal among the rotation, but Subic is special for me as I get to train in the bike/run course of the National Dua Championships ---my A-race.

Last year's race performance was forgettable that at the start of this year I decided to hire a coach. The workouts are very intense as I've never reached such weekly training volumes before (6 days a week!?!!!).

So yesterday (Sunday), I geared up and rode the bike course that is from Remy Field all the way to Raceway and back....several times.

I was pleasantly surprised when I uploaded my ride to Strava and was able to compare yesterday's ride vs my past recorded rides on the Raceway segment, including the 2013 Natl Dua C'ships (brown box below):

A 51 second PR achieved, on a training day at that.

I rode the same bike (2012 Argon Radon) with the same setup (CNC 50mm wheels, Ultegra 6800) and same gear (Bontrager road bike helmet). Exceptions would be the aero bars that I removed yesterday vs 2013 (which should mean that last year should've been faster aero-wise) and that my weight is even heavier than last year. I have not been using the aero bars since I started being coached.

I guess that coaching thing is really working for me alright.

51 seconds may not be enough now but that will count a lot on race day. The 2014 version of this race is 4 months away. Hopefully I'll be in top shape by then.

And yeah, I really need to do something about my fluctuating weight which I can't seem to bring down to my normal BMI.

No rice? Hmmm, let me think about that.

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