Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weekends Like These

Saturday - Bike - 31.17km @ 23.3kph ave

Sunday - Run - 14.7km @ 7:26mpk ave

This weekend was good as I able to ride and run long (by my standards). I'm especially proud of this morning's long run, which was 2.2km longer than last weekend. As the Rexona Run is in two weeks, I just need one more long run next weekend, probably 16-18km, to boost my confidence going into the race.

Rather disappointed at myself that it took an upcoming half-marathon to force me to run long again. I really missed these "more than an hour" runs. I may have to register for more pikermis before I could finally motivate myself to run long without any race in mind. On the other hand, these upcoming races could surely wet my appetite for pikermis again:

Milo Finals

On the bike, I am slowly getting the hang of riding long without an achy left elbow to worry. I am learning to relax my arms as I lightly grip the handlebars so much so that my clip-on aero bars have not been used as much of late. Probably I'll use them if I get another chance to ride at MoA.

I REALLY love the sound that my new aero carbon wheels make, like it's slicing through the wind as I pedal hard. Btw, I still have that 40km challenge ride coming up in mid November in BGC. That's definitely something that I can look forward to as well.

Hope you had a good training weekend too!

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