Thursday, September 1, 2011

False Prophecy?

I've been following Pete Larson's blog for quite a long time, especially when I started to explore into the minimalist/natural running trend. Migrating from a heel to a forefoot/midfoot strike, it is true that improving one's gait to a more natural form is greatly beneficial to not only improving one's race times, but reducing injuries as well. That was my experience since going thru the Newton Distancia Racers, Adidas Adios ---both I consider to be transition shoes to minimalism/natural running. Currently, I'm rotating between my VFF Bikilas and the Brooks Green Silence, both of which encourages barefoot and minimalist running, respectively. The pain on my left knee has subsided since then. This of course, coupled with consciously following the prescribed paces/heart-rates for my workouts and reading about how to improve one's running gait ---until now. Yes, I'm still a work in progress.

Going back to Pete's blog, I read his post on the Mizuno Wave Prophecy last May 2011 and I couldn't help but recall his views ("personal bias" as he had said) against the said shoe. With all the hype/blogs being posted about preference for the Wave Prophecy, it would be good to put in some "balance" by echoing Pete's post that somehow discourages barefoot/minimalist-wannabees like myself from purchasing it.

Pete's post ("Mizuno Wave Prophecy – The Anti-Minimalist Shoe?") can be read in detail by clicking here.

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