Monday, July 16, 2018

Just Getting What I Can

A month since my last post and I was able to find time to get this one in.

Training has been so-so as I am less than 2 weeks away from Milo 21k, my next race.

Longest long run done was 16k the other weekend. I was supposed to do an 18k last Sunday but I had to skip it due to having donated blood the day before. Much to my dismay, donating blood prohibits you from tedious exercise or lifting heavy objects until the next day so I decided to skip the long run in order not to have a medical accident that may ensue.

The rains have come occassionally so it affected my training as well ---a.k.a. bed weather. Hehehe.

I still have this two weeks supposedly for taper time but I may have to change it a bit to meet the endurance requirements to complete a half marathon....with upmost care not to get injured.

I have this feeling that I will be able to hold that sub 2:30  finishers medal next weekend.

I hope I got the feeling right. Hehehe.

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