Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Not Racing, But Improving (I think)

Three weeks since I last posted (coming from a vacation abroad) and I am still on catch up mode in terms of getting back to my pre-vacation CTL levels.


My FTP improved quite somewhat after I did an FTP test last week. A modest 6%+ increase from my previous test 2 months ago indicates that the Trainerroad Build program I followed reaped me good benefits. I'm moving on to the Specialty Phase (I chose the Climbing Road Race Low Volume plan) which will be a 6 week affair. After which, since races are impossible to sked lately, I may have to go back to Base phase and just aim on increasing my FTP in the meantime (my aim btw for this year is to reach 200w).


As predicted, another family vacation (it was my parents' anniv) was scheduled last weekend so
joining Duaman was definitely out. I read that it was a challenging race with the inclusion of the Camp N route so I'm (a bit) jealous of the duathletes who were able to participate.

I'm still hopeful to toe the line for a duathlon (next up is PhilDua Leg4 on June24 @ Nuvali ---doable if no other weekend plans conflict) and maybe the Milo21k on July which boasts of a strict medal cutoff time of 2:30 (doable based on my 2017 times ---which I'm hoping has been kept 'til now in terms of fitness). So between now and then, I'm just moving week on week trying to hit my planned workouts for the day. This is in the hope that I'll be on a higher fitness/CTL level come race day (whichever race it may be).


I joined my sister last mid March on her quest to lose (hopefully a lot) of weight via venturing into Intermittent Fasting.

Disclaimer: I don't recommend this for everyone, mind you, so consult your doctor first before trying what I did.

I tried the IF 16:8 method wherein I would fast 16 hours (typically after dinner to before lunch time, skipping breakfast) and then eat for the next 8 hours ---then repeat. It was very difficult mentally at first as I would do my run/bike workouts in the morning with the expectation that I would eat something for breakfast as my recovery nutrition. After 2 days I was able to adjust (with the help as well of sipping Cold Brew Coffee), keeping the 16 hours of fasting even after an hour of (Z2 or intense) workout in the mornings.

I often fail on meeting the 16hr daily fasting requirement (especially on weekends) but it didn't stop me from logging my start/end fast times to force the habit.

The result? I lost 4 lbs after 2 months of intermittently intermittent fasting. :D Yep, it's a slow progress but if the weight is kept off longer that way, then I'm all for it.

Red line notes my weight increasing since Oct 2017 (birthday, parties, quit the gym) while the green line shows my weight loss after I started IF mid March 2018.

What's good is that I was able to continue with my mornings even after an hour of working out. Hopefully I get to see more improvement in the next 2 months.

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