Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2017 In Review

Before I start blogging for 2018, it would be best that I do a quick recap of how I performed last year.

My goals for 2017 were:

  1. BikeKing Duathlon (DONE!)
  2. Powerman MOA (WASN'T HELD)
  3. Completing the PhilDua series (DID ONLY 1)
  4. Milo Metro Manila 21k (Mmmm, chickened out. Hahaha!)
  5. A RunRio 21k (NOPE, BUT DID 2 21k races for Q4)
  6. An international race perhaps? (DONE! Taipei 21k!)
  7. Powerman Clark (the full distance?) (Schedule conflict)

I did 8 races (running and duathlons combined) last year compared to 6 in 2016. I think I did fairly well considering that I improved my half marathon time in 2016 by 16+ minutes in 2017. Running the distance twice was a major milestone as well, since I haven't been that dedicated to the distance for some years prior to 2017. The half marathon is a "just right" endurance race for me since it is not time consuming in terms of weekly training, but it still is a long distance that you need to properly plan for it with proper pace (that comes from training) and nutrition strategies. Further, ideally, you could do 4-5 in a year versus probably 1 or 2 for a full mary. I don't want to close it at this point, but it seems that the 42k is already ticked off in my bucket list (4 times done, with the last in 2012) such that I don't feel like doing one anytime soon.

I scored two PRs in the duathlon (Duaman and PhilDua Leg2) but I could've logged 3 if not for the longer bike leg in the Bike King Dua. I logged a better pace in that race but it wasn't enough for the longer bike leg distance.

But if I were to summarize, 2017 was a good year for me in general. Although laziness and family obligations kept me from logging some of my workouts, I still nailed most of them ---even just by getting out of bed, getting my gear on, and walking out the door to run or ride. It could've been better of course, but it was all in all a good year.

Onto 2018.....

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