Monday, January 23, 2017

2017 PSE Bull Run 10k: Heading Back

The good: started on time, great route, niiiice loot bag, finisher shirt (RunRio, of course!)

The bad: just one part wherein the marshals prioritized cars over runners in that last critical part of the 10k route (I may have lost 15-20secs there)


The purpose of this race was to see where I was in terms of my running fitness and make the necessary adjustments in time for my major races coming up this season.

I was able to finish in 1:02:45 (Garmin time) which was well below my target of being within 1:05  based on a 30min time trial I did two weeks ago. The extra 2:15 improvement may have been from the adrenalin that normally comes on race day.

Took only 1 gel which was before the race and diligently went through the hydration stations except for 1 or 2. Pace was controlled to be just below 6:30/km throughout the race until I let go of the reigns by km8. Strategy was well kept as I reeeeaaaally kept myself from forcing the issue early on which is something that I need to always remember come future races.

This was a well prepared race for me as I was able to commit to the speed/interval workouts weeks coming into the race. This also included that "cram" 12k long run that I did Sunday prior to boost my confidence in completing the required 10k distance.

Probably, with continued commitment to the hard workouts (AND losing weight!), I may be able to claw myself back again in the sub60 10k finish times. That's something that I hope to see within the year.

All in all, it was nice to be back racing again, especially that of RunRio's. The raceorg did very well (as usual) to give my money's worth for that brief 1hour+ of racing. The running community is still alive as evidenced by the numerous participants in the race which I hope to continue in the years to come.

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