Thursday, February 25, 2016

Race Report: New Manila Run 2016

The good:

  1. Venue was 1km away from my house.
  2. Challenging route with numerous climbs

For improvement:
  1. Late start. The 10k race started 10mins vs the published gun time
  2. Inaccurate distance for the 10k race (9.74km only as per my Garmin)


I set the target for my 10k race at 1:05, or 6:30/km average pace. I knew the area well (as it is in my neighborhood) but I knew I was out of shape so 6:30/km was just right.

I jogged from my house to the starting line which was a little over a kilometer ---a good warmup.

As I readied myself a few meters from the start, I felt good. Good to be racing again after a long while (my last race involving a run being the Bike King Duathlon last Sept 2015). 

The weather was good. The 10k runners were not that many for such a small local race, probably 200 or 250 in all (which made it easier for the "runners" to move about to get a better pace).

When the count down from 10 to 1 started, adrenalin started pumping in.

Suddenly, the thought of having a better time than 1:05 played in my head.

  • km1 - 6:22/km. Felt good at the start, but still managed to hold the reigns near my 6:30 target
  • km2 - 6:08/km. Downhill and flat. Good for a faster pace.
  • km3 - 6:25/km. There was a short uphill but managed to do well. HR was rising (max'ed at 167) so I had to manage my efforts here.
  • km4 - 6:09/km. Flat section. 
  • km5 - 6:15/km. Lap with a gradual climb. HR was at 168 peak. Still holding.
After the 1st 5km I was at about 31:16 total or at 6:16/km average pace. As I was still in control and no signs of bonking, I went on. It was a good thing that I was targeting to chase these two lady triathletes, with one wearing a pink sports bra that became my rabbit if you will. They were both running well and relaxed which made me want to keep up with them, albeit being around 50-100m in front of me.

It was the dog and the rabbit from then on.

  • km6 - 6:17
  • km7 - 6:10
  • km8 - 6:25
  • km9 - 6:22
HR max was at 170 from km6 to 9, with me trying to keep up with the pink rabbit. I started to worry around km8, with thoughts of taking a walk breather but I managed to close that drawer in my head. I ran but my pace started to go off from the 6:10 I logged in km7.

  • km10 - 5:56/km (0.74km distance)
Gave my all on the last lap with HR max at 172. Race goal beaten (pace wise).

Finish time as per my Garmin: 1:00:54 or 6:15/km average pace. If the distance were 10kms, my finish time would've been 1:02:30 ----still better than my 1:05 original target.

I still need a lot of work (speedwork, tempo runs to be exact), and lose the excess weight (probably 10-12 lbs overweight right now) to be back in my optimal racing condition.

But until my next race, I'll celebrate this one as a "good" comeback race result. Not a sub60 that I was able to do years back, but still a good start to a hopeful 2016 racing season.

I need another 10k race....

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