Thursday, March 5, 2015

All set.....I think

After a month since my last post, overall TP CTL value is still at 46. I hoped to reach 50 by now but family commitments during the weekends suspended most of my scheduled long rides. Maybe March will be kind to help me reach my goal.

My running TP CTL has been progressing nicely while my cycling CTL has been stagnant due to as mentioned above.


On races, a conflict in scheduling forced me not to race in last month's planned 10k in BGC. Good thing there's an upcoming duathlon next week in Nuvali: 4k-25k-4k which should be able to help me gauge as to where I am fitness wise. I hope to do well by then.

Yup, I'll report the results after the Mar15 duathlon ---which I hope to be positive.

That's it for now.

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