Thursday, November 21, 2013

BGC Cycle Philippines: Loved It!

Biking's been a lot of fun for me lately so much so that running has taken a backseat. It's a different kind of high as man and machine conquer the urban roads of the metro with varying speeds and elevation, with the wind in your face and, at times, cars by your side.

The BGC Cycle Philippines event was a celebration of the cycling lifestyle that many of us have adapted to. There were events slated for young and old, newbie or experienced. It was a weekend wherein the roads were exclusively opened for cyclists only.

I joined the 40k Challenge event and it was more than I expected.

First, the registration process was smooth and the freebies that came with it (RPJ shades, bike bag, and a nice event bike jersey) was sulit enough for P1,500.00 early-bird race fee.

Who would've known that the race itself would be great as well.

The race would start in BGC at 6am and the course took us to C5, BGC, Buendia all the way to Roxas Blvd, around Quirino Grandstand and back to BGC via Roxas and Buendia. It was great to be pedaling along the route with no concern of cars since the marshals did a pretty good job. A special thanks to the police on motor bikes that escorted us on most parts of the course ---even though we were not the lead pack.
Not Froome. ;-)

The course, unfortunately, was about 36km only, short of the 40k target. I'm assuming that the loop behind BGC (University area) would've been a concern for the church goers nearby as it may have caused heavy traffic. But no big deal as I still enjoyed the race.

I finished it in 1:15:23 (chip time) which is about 28kph average. I'm hopeful that this isn't the last one. Maybe once every quarter would be nice. :-)

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