Monday, January 16, 2012

Running Log: Jan9-15

6km. 47mins. 7:50/km average. Brooks PureFlow.
Ave HR 133. Max 145.

5.2km. 39mins. 7:34/km average. Bikilas.
Ave HR 135. Max 146.

5.1km. 41mins. 8:03/km average. Brooks PureFlow.
Ave HR 138. Max 150. This was a lunchtime run on BGC. Sunny and breezy at the same time, the hills were tough as it forced me to take brief walk breaks whenever HR exceeded 142. The 150 maxHR was unfortunately logged since I was late in checking my Garmin to adjust my pace immediately.

18km. 2:22. 7:52/km average. Brooks PureFlow.
No HR monitor. Middle 10k ran with an officemate over hills-laden San Juan area.

TOTAL KMS: 34km (lacked 7km to reach 10% weekly increase)

I would've ran 7k on Sunday morning in BGC but I was too lazy to get up. I paid for it by Sunday evening as I ate a lot, losing the 1lb that I lost earlier in the week.


Last week was a surprise, except for the Jan12 run, for I had been running sub-8:00/km runs consistently (today, Monday was an epic day as well as I saw a 7:11 lap on one km). So after almost 4 weeks of Maffetone paced running, I am slowly seeing the effects. I have learned to manage my HR by strictly telling myself to slow down or walk whenever I'm nearing 142 HR. The result of which is a more relaxed effort throughout my runs but at the same time, somehow, my pace is improving. I would've wanted to put my progress chart on this post but it's too early to see a noticeable improvement on the graphs.

I can't wait to see how much pace improvement I would get in the next 3 weeks!

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  1. That is great news that you are seeing some improvement man. By slowing down myself, not only am I losing the weight, but I can feel my heart getting stronger physically and mentally. Keep on going man. You'll get there, just don't give up. Be Courageous!