Thursday, April 14, 2011

Goldilocks 21k: Registered!

Yup, I've just registered today for the Goldilocks 21km Fun Run on May 15. That gives me a little over 4 weeks to train. The farthest I've run after Condura was 11km (last Sunday's Baguio race) so I got a lot of catching up to do on my weekend long runs (probably a 16 and 18 km before tapering should be enough).


Now this is interesting. Just now I got an email confirmation from Bazusports about my registration, including a confirmation code for accessing my profile on the Bazusports website. It has all the info that I've written on the reg form. The nice part is that I get to enable the connection of my FB and Twitter profiles so that my friends/followers would know my race status real time(?).

Let's see if that works on raceday. :)


The racebib comes with discount tabs for Planet Sports and The Athlete's Foot (20%) and Toby's and RUNNR (10%). Suffice to say that I've been browsing shoe reviews on the 'net all afternoon. It's really a test of self-control. Hopefully I won't give in. O:-)


I've been logging 20-23km weeks for the past 3 weeks, with this week's aim at 25km. My right foot is still a little hurt from that "too long, too soon" Bikila run 4 weeks ago so I'm still refraining from using it, alternating between my trusty Adios and Newtons. Maybe after 2 weeks of abstaining from my Bikilas should heal the foot completely.

You really gotta love RunRio. As early as now, the race map is already on their website. It seems that I'll be running over the Kalayaan flyover again. I got beaten by it last Condura, thus I need to settle the score.

See you on May 15!